Mr. Lápiz

How to Spanish?

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Pinned Games

Promoted Game

Answer questions your fellow students have made!

Spanish Games

Spanish Numbers

Números de español

A fun way to practice your spanish numbers 0-10!

Big Spanish Numbers

Grande Números de español

Bigger numbers: 0-20!

Simple words

Fácil palabras

Easy words from spanish class!

More words

Mas palabras

More words from spanish class!

Test review

Revisión de prueba

Review words from Spanish!!

Other Games

Guess the number

I am thinking of a number. Now you guess that number!

Fight simulator

Fight a random person!

Click Factory

Do you make click? Click here to learn to make click and more!


Talk simulator 1

Talk with a robot in infinite or finite mode!



Do you think you are lucky? Bet on points here!

Live Games

Random words

Palabras aleatorias

Choose the correct word translation!

Mr. Lápiz Battle Royale

Answer incorrectly, you die. Try to be the last one alive!

Mr. Lápiz Battle Royale 50-person

Classic Battle Royale, ×10 more amount of players playing at one time!


Spanish Chat

Español chat

Chat in spanish or english!